25 years of Supported Employment Worldwide.

WASE is a network of persons and organizations with the aim to promote supported employment all over the world.

WASE  started in 1995 and has since been promoting supported employment nation wide. In 2003 with help of the ILO, a special CD Rom and Handbook was made for developing countries and organizations who are interested in becoming involved in supported employment. WASE is also looking at quality in supported employment performance and has designed  quality criteria. A new  initiative is a quality mark for employers/companies with proven records in employing persons with a disability through supported employment..


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Board of Directors

Margaret Haddock (President) - European Unmion of Supported Employment, United Kingdom


Annette Burrows (President Elect) - Canadian Association for Supported Employment, Canada


Rick Kane  - Disability Employment Australia, Australia


Jenny Stonemier - Association of People Supporting Employment First, USA


Edyth Dunlop - Northern Ireland Union of Supported Employment, Northern Ireland


Luc Henau - European union of Supported Employment, Belgium

Jesus Carlos Delgado Garcia - Brazilian Association for Supported Employment, Brazil

Joanna Goode - Canadian Association for Supported Employment, Canada 

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