United Nations Human Rights Convention

The United Nations (UN) has set up an international human rights convention on the rights of disabled people. The Convention has become into force since 20 states have ratified. In co-operation with other international organisations the World Association for Supported Employment is preparing a project to create opportunities for people with disabilities for work. The project is in line with article 27 of the UN Convention and shall focus on supported employment, customized employment and self employment.
It is the intention to start with small projects in different parts of the world. The countries where the projects can start still have to be decided. The projects must fulfil a multiplier role in the country or region.
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Examples of good practise and the role of international companies 

Around the word today, many employers offer examples of good practices in including persons with disabilities in the workplace through supported employment. Supported employment contributes to both the employer and the person with a disability. Good examples lead to good followers. Employers with proven records can apply for a quality mark from WASE and can share their experiences in supporting people with disabilities to obtain and maintain jobs.


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Invitation to join the Research Network on Supported Employment

The Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network on Employment and Training (GLADNET) and the World Association for Supported Employment (WASE) are collaborating in promoting opportunities for paid work on the open labour market for persons with disabilities through data collection, presentations around the world, information dissemination and exchange of experiences. The new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Article 27, is in line with the Supported Employment approach.


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